Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Classic vs SuperServer was IB/FB Lock manager failures
Author Alexandre Kozlov

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Subject: RE: [IB-Architect] Classic vs SuperServer was IB/FB Lock manager

> i will put my experience with this bug here altough i think this would
> better belong to ib-support or firebird-devel.
> i think i was hit by this problem recently, i have asked for help in
> ib-support under the title "ibserver running at 100%". the cause of all
> these problems mentioned there was one little thing: i had two java
> connecting to the database. one from localhost, one from another host. the
> program that connected from the other host was some kind of
> data-insert-program. after running this program the records did not appear
> in the database, altough they were successfully inserted and commited by
> data-insert-program. additionally, "wrong page type" errors appeared in
> database. i had to backuprestore it or it would lose all data after some
> additional time. after two days of intensive search i found the problem by
> looking at the server properties/log page in ibexpert. i noticed that the
> same database was open twice by the server, so it was like the server
> accessing two different databases, but in fact it was the same file, hence
> the corruption problem! the output looked like this:
> Database Info
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Number of connections: 17
> Number of databases: 2
> Databases: /opt/interbase/databases/agro.gdb
> opt/interbase/databases/agro.gdb
> this occured using firebird 1.0 SS on linux. the problem was, that the two
> clients connected to the server with two different connection strings:
> jdbc:interbase://localhost//opt/interbase/databases/agro.gdb
> jdbc:interbase://localhost/opt/interbase/databases/agro.gdb
> so this little slash missing was causing us very heavy problems with the
> database. after i made sure that all clients connected using the same
> with the / all problems disappeared.

it seems that it has no effect on Classic server - only on SS.
As for SS we need exactly identify database so canonizing of connection
are vital for SS.


> regards
> michael weissenbacher
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