Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Classic vs SuperServer was IB/FB Lock manager failures
Author Dmitry Yemanov

> six months ago SS6 (both from borland free and firebird 1.0)
> took a lot of our time crashing several times
> very large dabase unrecoverably. These events were lasted
> until we install trial version of SS6.5 from Borland.
> And it works guys.
> So it may be not so bad if some of folk try to eliminate
> these serious bugs from current version of SS.

Since you seem to be the only person who's aware of this bug, how do you see
us trying to fix it? "Hey guys, there's a serious bug somewhere within the
engine, could you please fix it, thanks"? Sorry, the things are not done
this way. Do you have a reproducable test case? Can you provide any useful
pointers? A detailed information about those crashes? A zipped backup of
your database? Then probably some of folks could start investigating the
source of this problem.