Subject FW: [Firebird-devel] IB/FB Lock manager failures
Author Dmitry Yemanov
Your thoughts, ladies and gentlemen?

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Subject: [Firebird-devel] IB/FB Lock manager failures

Hello !

We all know that SuperServer engine is inacceptable for doing most serious
tasks, because:
1) It doesn't execute requests in parallel
2) It doesn't support SMP (all common computers will be SMP soon with
3) Server failure terminates all user queries

While doing lock manager rework to solve "OBJEXT xx IS IN USE" issue I
that it is much easyer to move lock manager data to shared memory than to
support current
CS lock architecture, witch tends to slow when number of connections grows.

I.e. I allocate shared memory pool protected with some kind of
Move lock manager data there (as it is represented in SS architecture).
Than move buffer cache there too. This should solve all current CS
architecture problems.
We may drop SS architecture after that or rework it to work like Oracle
Multi-Threaded Server works.
Suggestions ?

Nickolay Samofatov