Subject Working of indices
Author Arno Brinkman

I'm trying to understand the exactly working of indices in
I've found some documents about this subject. But i've some questions left.

Has every a collation (in same character-set) it's own index ? (i think yes,
but want to know for
I saw that characterset ISO8859_1 and collate ISO8859_1 stores data the same
way as the data is
given (AAAA => x41 x41 x41 x41), but characterset ISO8859_1 and collate
DU_NL (or DE_DE) stored data
in a very different way and much longer.

How is an index lookup is done ?
Are all B-Tree pages walked until a the exact value is found (even all leafs
? or just the prefix

Any information about working of an index is welcome !