Subject Fw: [ib-support] One interesting idea (fixme if I'm wrong)
Author Bogusław Brandys
Sorry, previously posted to bad group (ibsupport) ;-)

Best Regards

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Subject: [ib-support] One interesting idea (fixme if I'm wrong)

> Hello,
> I've just read technical paper from Borland's Intebase Web about
> Inventory Pages(TIP) , Oldest interesting Transaction (OIT) and Oldest
> Active Transaction (OAT) .
> Not all are clear for me, but I have an interesting idea.(at the user
> of view)
> Firebird is known from good shadowing and backup but do not have any log
> file to rollback to some time point in the past .
> This is not quite exact , i think :-)
> I don't remember how this log is called in another database systems,but
> sometimes used becouse someone deleted critical information from database
> (very bad database ;-) .
> Let me explain.
> Firebird database manager does good housekeeping with old versions of
> records,and here my idea occurs.
> Assume we have ordinary database which is not swept during day but at
> and backup is done once a week.
> Define some server feature like "VANISH_TIMESTAMP":
> VANISH_TIMESTAMP 12 (default = 12 hours)
> Now all records should have not only transaction id but also a timestamp
> when were created
> (sufficient is to store one double value for record).Alternatively all
> transactions in TIP could use timestamp, I don't know which is better (?)
> When "VANISH_TIMESTAMP" is declared database manager should not delete
> committed records which are "younger " than 12 hours from now ,even if are
> many such records.
> Gbak would have a feature to rollback database to some point in the past
> hours.
> Making all records with timestamp also give us an option to easy replicate
> database by just periodically check if there is new committed record and
> replicate such record in another database (replication could stand
> Firebird feature)
> This is of course an idea (and most of admins won't use it) but allows
> interesting things.
> Best Regards
> Bogusław Brandys
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