Subject Migration project from MS SQL to some Open Source RDBMS
Author Joachim von Thadden
Hi *,

for a migration project from MS SQL to some Open Source RDBMS we
have to evaluate the possible targets.

Since we expect this comparison to be of interest for several people
and projects out there, we post our currend findings with request
for feedback and comments. We will fold all additional information
into our document and post it again.

With this comparison we are definitely not making a statement about
one RDBMS being better than another. We have found and we are convinced
that there is no evidence at all to prefere one of them in general.
The purpose of this comparison is to find the best fit for a given

I would like to directly ask for assistance in checking the tables in
the attached pdf and to tell me about advantages and strengths of

Yours faithfully,
Joachim von Thadden
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