Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Access Firebird by DBExpress and other drivers
Author Paul Reeves
Jason Chapman (JAC2) wrote:

> Couldn't agree more and I would be happy to work on this, as long as we
> wrote it in Delphi (I can;t help it C++ scares me). I am sure that there
> are white papers for writing DBX drivers and I am sure I have seen an
> article on it in the Delphi Magazine.

If there is a Delphi Mag article that would be a good start. If it
doesn't exist yet then unfortunately you will need the MySQL example -
which is in C++. Last time I looked it needed a study of MySQL so as to
separate out the MySQL specific bits from the dbx specific bits.

However, if anyone is going to embark on this I would recommend that it
remain in C++. I would also recommend that the existing database access
code from the IBPhoenix OdbcJdbc driver be used as a starting point. It
seems a bit crazy to go and write yet another set of classes that manage
database connections, transaction handling and queries. (On top of three
or four in Object Pascal, two or three in C++, two in Java.)

But whatever anyone does, I would suggest some preliminary discussions
with the Firebird project would be a good place to start. Writing the
driver is not a trivial exercise and if it is to have any take up it
needs to be co-ordinated with the rest of the Firebird project. (Mind
you, we don't yet have any means of co-ordinating client tools, so we
will have to invent something.)


Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase