Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Borland IB6.5 vs Firbird 1.0 Features
Author Boutwell, George
Jim & Daniel,

Ok. I was afraid of that... However, this is what I read that led me to try and based on this I
couldn't exactly say for sure it wasn't an appropriate question:
"Forum for asking about and discussing the architecture of InterBase - why a feature is there or
not there, what's possible for future development, etc."

For the rest of the list my apologies for stumbling into the wrong neck of the woods.


On 14 Feb 2002 at 17:24, Jim Starkey wrote:

> I'm really sorry, but you've stumbled onto a list inhabited by orcs,
> wolves, and geeks that only talk about things that Firebird doesn't do.
> If we talk about what it does do (though how it does it is ok) most of
> the folks would be in deep trouble with management.
> You should definitely try a different list.
George Boutwell,
MIS Programmer I - Valley Hope Association