Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Alter view?
Author Jim Starkey
At 05:01 PM 12/17/02 +0200, Giannis Tsopokis wrote:
>> >> Firebird v1.5 introduces a new statement "RECREATE VIEW"
>I believe it should be "REPLACE VIEW".
>can one use "CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW" ?

I suggestion you use "UPGRADE VIEW" as upgrade is verb that
isn't obligated to report failure if the view exists or doesn't

Netfrastructure uses UPGRADE almost exclusively for DDL
statements. The basic idea is that ALTER specifies a
definition transition while UPGRADE specifies what you
want it to be, letting the system figure out how to get
there. The Netfrastructure UPGRADE verbs also tend to
be merge oriented -- UPGRADE table will length but not
shorten character fields, add new fields, but not eliminate
unmentioned fields. Among many other considerations, this
allows an application upgrade to do DDL UPGRADE verbs
without danger of wiping out any local application extensions.
If you really want to kill a field, there is always

Jim Starkey