Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Embedded compiler?
Author Marius Popa
I have read somewhere ( they have
put pointers
inside sql 99 .Bleah Pointers
And they did an OOsql .What OO have to do with
RDBMS i don't know ? I want integrity from the
not pointers ,compilers ?? inheritance .(Yes that is
cool but not useful i tested in postgres where you can
iherit one table from another)
Shure the sql is a bad RDB implementation of ibm
(tm)(r). They kicked the language proposed by Codd
Look where whe are now ...
Is sad that SQL is so impotent so we need another
languges to write what : functions???!!!!!
My god even pascal was better on this .
OO is bad for databases .I use in production
a OO database named ozone ( No that
was not my ideea (we got it with the application from
one client).It is a very cool Embedded OO Caching
machine (i can't call it real database ) because you
don't have to type in sql ..there are only objects
there .But there are problems there is no FOUNDATION
there NONE ,NIENTE ,NULL ,ZERO .It crashes every day
No integrity !!! I have to move it to firebird :)
real quick .It's nice they "reinvented" the Tree
databases (OO now ) but i don't need them .
What do you think Jim ?
You have writen one SQL database (and i must say
a real GOOD one ) what is the future of the databases
: True Relational or OO .
It is sad that Firebird is going after "others"
They have the trees but they don't see the forest .
I must confess that when i first heard/read of
Fabian Pascal i didn't like what it said
(xml bad , oo bad ,sql is bad for a rdbms)
but after a while it seems quite logic because
there are the maths and logic , NOT the Propaganda

--- Daniel Rail <daniel@...> wrote:
> At 22/11/2002 10:59 AM, you wrote:
> >
> >There should really be a common SP/Trigger language
> (ANSI standard)
> >that is geared to allow data manipulation
> efficiently and effectively.
> Actually it does exists. With SQL-92 ANSI
> standards, the control
> structure(if, case, while, etc...) wasn't defined.
> Now they are defined in
> SQL-99 ANSI standards.
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