Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Embedded compiler?
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
<nprasad3@...> wrote in message
> Isn't this the same as embedding java into the database engine? I
> personally hate oracle for having done such a thing as it is slow,
> makes the database engine un-reliable by asking the user from avoiding
> the use of network level code that would block, avoid user interface
> interaction in stored procedures...
> Why create a non-existent problem just because there's a buzz
> word "java"???
Because it gives you platform neutral rich trigger and procedure language.
If it is too slow for the required use, then don't use it. If you look way
back through the archives you see Jim Starkey talking about Java and his
product Netfrastructure and also compelling arguments to use a language that
is safer than C / C++.

I don't like using UDF's as they are an exra part of the database
environment that needs to be managed (backed up, source code kept, compiler
kept), whereas having the source code in the database and the DB engine
being able to compile it makes a lot of sense to me.

As to the Pascal suggestion, if you see any support that starts with Engine
AV's, crashes etc etc, the first question the support team will ask is, do
you have any UDF's, because pointer manipulation etc in the main process
space of the database engine is just dangerous, so you need to be able to
protect the engine from the trigger. I am not a competant Java programmer,
but I would learn and use it in every application if it was included in the

just my 2c