Subject Re: Firebird as embedded DB on Windows (from IB-Support)
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> This is what I originally thought you wanted to do. But I guess it
> needs asking. Are you trying to create your own brand of FB server
> (maybe listening on a different port), or creating your own custom
> server (where FB doesn't handle network connections at all) and
> simply want to use FB as the embedded data storage/query component
> of that server? I assumed the later. In fact, the later is
> probably easier.

Latter. However, I would avoid calling it a server. This is an
application built with the same code as we use on server. On server
side we are happy with Firebird server process. On desktop we have
single-user single-threaded application that has a part of a database
we have on the server. This application does not accept any network
connections, it is invoked manually (or automatically) when PDA is
connected to a desktop. The only thing this application is supposed
to do, is to execute some selects on database and upload them to the

Dmitry Yermanov already sent me an embeddable gds32.dll and I will
try it on the weekend.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy