Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Firebird as embedded DB on Windows (from IB-Support)
Author Dmitry Yemanov

> Since we are discussing this (nice way to begin a weekend),


> can you remind
> us if there is already a 'feature request' for some parameter in the
> 'fbconfig' file regarding the localization/name of the '.lck'
> file? I never saw any discussion about this anywhere.

AFAIK, no.

> A nice way to use embedded Firebird apps is on read-only
> databases on cdrom.
> You already told us that version 1.5 will not need registy
> config for Win
> apps. But what about the lock file? How is it working now?
> For what I can
> see, in win versions, it defaults to Firebird location and
> use a name that is 'name of computer dot lck'.

The same applies for e.g. firebird.log.

> I think that this is important for this kind of apps.

Agreed. It should be properly analized and implemented as a part of the
config stuff.