Subject Libraries and C++
Author Ann W. Harrison
Please understand this as a question, not a diatribe.


Someone I live with has implemented a content store (a database
system without the boring requirement of understanding the SQL-99
spec). The larger project includes a considerable amount of Java
code, but the content store is all C++. It does NOT reference
STLport or libstdc++. It appears to work reliably on Win32, Red
Hat, and a couple of other Linicies.

When asked (and often when not asked) the individual in question
explains that those libraries are unnecessary, unreliable, non-
portable, and generally suck intelligence from the universe. The
individual is known for strongly held opinions, but also for
the ability to create and maintain amazingly capable bits of

His opinion of all the standard C++ string classes causes my
mail program to blush and cover its face.


Given that Firebird makes relatively little use of anything
that's been added to operating systems since the early 1980's,
do we really need those libraries or can we reproduce the bits
that are necessary and eliminate lots of porting / C++ version

I seriously want to know -