Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Long query
Author Moravecz Laszlo
> > (When an isc_dsql_execute_nowait() returns immediatelly and
> > calls a callback function after the result is ready. In
> > this case an isc_wait() may be good too. Oracle uses this
> > method.)
> I agree. In 6.5 you have to call it from another thread.
> I would prefer an option for synchronous or asynchronous - is sync, then I
> would like a callback that in delphi would look like

Do Firebird plan a more simple way for same result?

If I can specify in a statement like 'plan' some obligation for example
'max result rows', 'max readed rows' or 'max readed pages', 'max elapted
time' and if voilate the server any, I can get a result error.


Sorry my poor english...

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