Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Number of rows in a resultset
Author Tilo Muetze
""Tilo Muetze"" <tmuetze@...> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Hello,
> A friend of mine send me this question, hope someone can answer it:
> --
> I'd like the Fb API to return the number of rows in a SELECT-result to
> it possible to implement stuff like ibase_num_rows() in PHP etc..

I had a discussion with my friend just a few minutes ago about that topic
with two different conclusions, could anybody please shed some light into
this issue:
Possibility 1:
Firebird fetches when you do an "select FOO from BAR" only the count of
records that the client really need lets say 30 but the true recordcount of
this query would be lets say 1000. So Firebird can not know the true
recordcount of 1000 and because of that the API doesn't delivers back the
count of records in the recordset.

Possibility 2:
When you do "select FOO from BAR" Firebird only fetches the records the
client needs(30) but internally have the complete resultset ready to be
fetched from the client(1000). When Fb works this way it should be easy to
implement the result-set-recordcount in the API.
What do you think, are we completely lost here and please forgive my bumpy

Tilo Muetze