Subject Re: [IB-Architect] leaving loop levels
Author Jim Starkey
At 01:59 PM 6/7/01 -0400, David Jencks wrote:
>Sorry, I'm not taking the time to think all of this through and reread the
>entire discussion, but anyway,
>whats wrong with
>break [optional-label]
>and possibly
>continue [optional-label]
>as I understand java has??

Nothing. But the elegant Ms. Brown made a very good point
that the secretive SQL standard already has a label/leave
construct using the keyword "leave". A third alternative
would be to stick with blr conventions and use "18".

So as a compromise, how about this:

statement := <label> : <statement>
:= leave <label>
:= break

Since this is incompatible with SQL, Java, and C, everyone
should be equally unhappy.

Jim Starkey