Subject leaving loop levels
Author Ann W. Harrison
We can create label/leave, and break, and continue without
changing the blr languages will be entirely in DSQL which
will need to learn to parse and compile the new constructs
and generate labels for breaks and continues. No incompatibility
with IB - at the backup/restore and database access level.
An extracted script will upset their DSQL... life is hard
in the fast lane.

My husband, the genius language designer and diplomat said:

> The essence of bad language design is two constructs where one
> is needed. Java, as a design goal, inherited C syntax to the
> degree appropriate and hence the unlabelled break. The Firebird
> language is undo no such constraint.

I'm going to argue that although label/leave is a superset of
break & continue, both those constructs are generally understood,
convenient, and more maintainable than label/leave. So I'm
going to argue for three constructs where one is needed. Even
Datatrieve - that monument to language design - had three looping
constructs where one was needed.