Subject Re: enhancement to procedure/trigger language
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In IB-Architect@y..., "Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@i...> wrote:
> The underlying BLR has a label and leave structure that
> allows the code to break out of specific loop levels.
> What should we use for language? One suggestion is to
> emulate the label/leave model. Another is to use the
> C/Delphi style 'break'.

Hi Ann, All.

Sometimes labels save some time and some amount of code, but... I've
started to force myself don't use labels about 15 years ago. It was
difficult at the beginning, but now, when I take my 15-years-old
source, I can easy understand what I wanted and what is made. And
what was missed too. :) So my 2 cents for break. As far as I can
understand it does'nt affect "inside" realization, labelled BLR is
hidden from me.

Best regards.