Subject Re: [IB-Architect] How to extend core engine
Author Jason Wharton
I want to say that I whole heartedly support this and feel it will be key to
making Firebird a focal point and success rather than just an ember trying
to hold its own amid the chaos.

As a third party provider I greatly loathe the though of having to support
dozens of derivatives of the Open Source database. I am going to have to
intimately know each one and cater to it. I have been voicing my desire in
the past to make things "pluggable" and I am grateful to see it become a
topic again.

I too am hopelessly unable to get heavily involved in the C code itself but
I sure would like consideration by those who can and do get involved with
the C code.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IB-Architect] How to extend core engine

> On 13 May 2001, at 15:14, Jim Starkey wrote:
> > There is one and only one way to compete with Borland and that is
> > to offer a better product at a better price.
> I don't like the word "competition", it's very business oriented and
> it's too "artificial" to my taste :) But in a nutshell you're right, of
> course. And when we're just talking about "business competition", I
> think that FB should have some "extension points" in the code,
> that will allow proprietary extensions that fall outside the IPL'ed
> code. I'll try to put what I mean in more clear way.
> Imagine that some corporation would like to incorporate a full-text
> search functionality into core engine (and sell that tailored version,
> of course). IFAK all major full-text search engines are proprietary
> and thus could not be directly incorporated into IPL'ed files. This
> corporation would have to modify some FB source files that that
> calls are made to external, non IPL'ed files. It would be nice, if FB
> would be prepared for such "extensions" in key modules. This
> should forestall forking in FB codebase and attract third-party
> vendors to make such tailored versions (and pour money into core
> engine development, although indirectly).
> I'd like know what parts of FB engine would be potentially
> interesting from this point of view, and how to adapt them to "plug-
> in" awareness in best way. Well, I'm really brain-dead about this. I
> can barely read C code and I didn't study the FB code in deep, so
> forgive me if the answer could be easily get from simple FB code
> lookup.
> Best regards
> Pavel Cisar
> Czech Republic, A country with world's best ice hockey team
> (2001)
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