Subject Borland FUD (off-topic)
Author Helen Borrie
Hi Guys,
How about this little piece of FUD from Aaron Ruddick (new IB Tech support expert) in the IB Live Chat:

jorg: "Regarding borland r &d participating to discussions, i was thinking about ib-architect and such... there's much more going on there than in the b.p.i.opensource group."

aruddick: "It's mostly FireBird engineers. We do read the FireBird groups, but I don't know if the FireBird leaders would be like us on there newsgroups... If you see a thread that you would like us to talk in email me or post to our newsgroups."

Mr Ruddick, if you are reading this now - this list is NOT a Firebird group, it belongs to the InterBase open source community. Except as members of the open source community, the Firebird engineers don't own the list any more than you do. Until Borland's engineers were withdrawn from the OS community, they used to be regular and valuable contributors in this list. I don't think I'm the only member who wishes they would come back, for the good of the database.

The "Firebird leaders" have often invited Borland engineers to participate in the Firebird-devel list (which they do own). That's where the nitty-gritty stuff happens. The invitation remains ever open.

What would be really useful would be for you Borland Tech Support and DevRel people to stop promulgating this illusion created by yourselves, that we don't want Borland participation. Ask your boss why the R & D staff aren't allowed to answer our emails and try to give a true answer next time someone asks you that question.

If you actually followed this list you would be in a position to know that it gets input from a huge range of database, interface and security afficionados, not just the Firebird engineers. A frequent contributor is Jim Starkey who was the original architect of InterBase. Jim is always close-by but he is not a Firebird engineer.

While I have your attention, please stop telling the NGs that IBPhoenix owns Firebird. It doesn't. Firebird members own Firebird. There are scores of us. It's an independent project and always has been.

Oh, and it's "Firebird" (like Stravinsky's ballet music) not "FireBird".

Fellow list-members, my apologies for abusing my privileges and posting off-topic. I figured it was a chance to get these guys to clean up their act.


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