Subject Re: Borland FUD (off-topic)

I am talking about public behavior rather than what is or is not
true. Publicly bashing one another does nothing to make FB or IB
better products, regardless of the truth.


--- In IB-Architect@y..., "Pavel Cisar" <pcisar@a...> wrote:
> Robert,
> On 14 May 2001, at 17:24, robertsc@t... wrote:
> > I couldn't agree more with this statement and wish we could all
> > to the really relevant business which is cooperating to make
> > the best and widest employed open source database.
> Please, be serious. Borland doesn't want to see the IB Open
> Edition or Firebird to succeed, because free, IB-compatible
> database with no deployment cost will ruin Borland revenue from IB
> lic. sales. That is the reason why Borland is so harsh to IB Open
> Edition and run down the Firebird. We (FB) understand this, we
> can forgive them, but sometimes it's hard to be undisturbed.
> Unfortunately, I see that this "fight" will escalate when FB will
> make inroads and IB sales will not meet expectations (especially
> outside US).
> Well, enough that here and now.
> Pavel Cisar
> FB