Subject Re: planning the use of blr codes
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> > Yeah. Although the Interbase role model is a single role
> > identified at logon, a more useful model is multiple roles,
> > each of which may be turned on or off during a session.
> > Although I don't think this is the most critical short term
> > feature on the menu, designing an interface that couldn't
> > support it could be a problem down the road.
> Jim, while the SQL standard that you love too much probably
doesn't talk
> about switching roles in run-time without disconnecting from the db,

Not that it matters (either in the context of supporting multiple
roles, or in the context of making the SQL standard more beloved by,
well, anyone ...) but SQL99 includes:

<set role statement> ::=
SET ROLE <role specification>

In other words, it was an Inter[B|b]ase implementation decision, not a
SQL standard requirement, that the only way to switch roles was to

Oh yah, since I'm here ... support for <set role statement> is only
required by products that claim conformance to SQL99 Feature T331,
``Basic roles'' ... [mark that on your score cards, folks]

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