Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: TOP and BLR
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 10:58 AM 4/11/2001 +0000, m.tonies@... wrote:

>How is this TOP function implemented then?

It will need to go into gpre and DSQL - a better person than
I would put it in QLI as well. The parsers will need to
recognize the token and swallow a number. The compilers
will need to generate intermediate nodes, and the generators
will need to create blr like this:

select top 5 (full_name) from EMPLOYEE

0 blr_version4, // this will be blr 5
1 blr_begin,
13 blr_begin,
14 blr_for,
15 blr_rse, 1,
17 blr_relation, 8,0, 'E', 'M', 'P', 'L', 'O', 'Y', 'E', 'E',
21 blr_first,
22 blr_literal, blr_long, 0, 5,0,0,0,
29 blr_end,


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