Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: SQL Standard (was Circular Foreign Key Dependencies)
Author David L. Hoffman
> > I don't have a copy. In fact I've never seen a copy. When

FWIW, I found "Understanding The New SQL: A Complete Guide" by Jim Melton
and Alan R. Simon to be a fairly readable and useful SQL-92
reference. Melton was the editor of the SQL-92 spec, and seems willing to
admit SQL's weaknesses and barriers to conformance.

I bought the book specifically because it was "pure" and not based on any
particular vendor's DBMS implementation. In fact, it made a pretty good IB
reference until I finally got around to having a commercial printer produce
hard copy of the IB6 beta doc PDF's. It also made me appreciate how hard
IB strives (strived?) to conform to the spec.

Best regards from a mere peon/lurker-
-David Hoffman

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