Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Digest Number 322
Author Craig Stuntz
> From: Mark O'Donohue <mark.odonohue@...>
> Borland have made some changes to their tree recently, Im not
> sure how
> widely these are known, since I've been tied up a bit and haven;t
> followed exactly the newsgroups.

FWIW, there should be more coming. It's my understanding that Borland
plans to post all changes to the core engine from the certified release to
SourceForge. Thus far, I see changes to about seven files in /jrd. It has
been claimed elsewhere that 300+ bugs were fixed, and I don't see that here,
so I would presume that not everything has been checked in yet. (I tried to
check this morning, but I'm getting a "permission denied" error even on the
SF home page.)

> Here is a diff file of the changes that have been made in the
> InterBase tree in the couple of months.

Thanks for posting this. Very useful.


Craig Stuntz Vertex Systems Corporation
Senior Developer