Subject Re: [IB-Architect] providers rejects interbase for hosting
Author Paul Reeves
Dmitry Kuzmenko wrote:
> Hello, All!
> It was a good starting point for providers that InterBase is free and OpenSource.
> Also is good that FireBird have FreeBSD port, because there are almost all
> providers in Russia uses FreeBSD.
> But, bad news - providers rejects InterBase for hosting.
> The responce from one provider was the following:
> "We can't provide interbase-hosting for user's projects by the following
> reasons:
> 1. any user, logged in ISC4.GDB can connect to any database on the server
> and create unlimited count of user objects (tables, procedures, etc).
> 2. any user, logged in ISC4.GDB, can create unlimited number of databases.
> This uncontrolled behavior disallow us to use Interbase as a RDBMS server
> for hosting".
> Any comments?

No comments yet, but an exploratory question - How does mySQL and PostGres
handle this?

And what does your provider say to InterBase running exclusively behind a web or
app server, thus preventing 'any' user logging in in the first place?

After all, Cobalt have no trouble shipping InterBase on the RaQ4.



Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further