Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Proxy Query ?
Author Darko Prenosil
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Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2001 9:21 AM
Subject: Re: [IB-Architect] Proxy Query ?

> When someone comes to the point where such cross-database access is
> it just means the problem is ill-defined. Those multiple databases should
> have been combined in a single DB ! Let me push the idea to its (stupid)
> limit : let's offer a full third-model cross-database model, add a
> restriction of one table per database (as you would have cross-triggers,
> cross-constraints and the like you do not need anymore suport for multiple
> tables in a DB, as you have all the facilities cross-DB), and call this
> 'dBase3000'. Should be a best-seller. :-)

Hey, don't spit on messenger !
I just said that some other RDBMS support cross-database queries within
stored procedure !

> Today InterBase/FireBird offers a very nice cross-database access from the
> client side, through transactions (on the server side) which can span
> multiple database connections. I will personally always vote that this is
> well architectured, simple, usefull and enough for the occasionnal cases
> where a cross-database workflow should occur.

I can describe my problem, so You can tell if it is ill-defined:

There is one master database, and 4 disconnected databases each located
about 30 km from master.
Of course this problem can be solved with 4 leased telephone lines so I can
have only one database
, but it is also expensive.
Those 4 databases work independently on master, but there are few business
rules that require to be
reported to master immediately.
I wrote database-event listener with Delphi to wait for those events, but I
do not know how to call
event with some parameters. So I end up right where I started !
This is only first scenario where cross-database access from within a
trigger can be very helpful.
If You are interested, I can send You one more !
Sorry for being stupid !

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