Subject Architecture of interclient
Author David Jencks

Some time ago, as I recall, Jim Starkey expressed a not entirely favorable
opinion of the design/architecture/coding of interclient ('crap', I think).
I won't argue. I am, however, interested in an XADatasource for Firebird
coming into existence soon.

So I am wondering if Jim could present a few hints or comments as to a
desirable architecture for a JDBC driver. Does it involve his ODBC driver?
If so, is it, realistically speaking, likely to become open source in the
forseeable future?

One thing in particular that I am wondering about is if the interserver
part has any reason for existence. Why not write a JDBC driver in java
that talks directly to Firebird core? I think this would involve
translating the C client into java. I haven't however figured out just
which files this c client consists of.

On a separate thread, I am a bit confused by interclients insistence in the
database metadata that catalog and schema have no meaning in firebird. I
would think that catalog is more or less database, schema is more or less
owner. If you use datasources, catalog could be the JNDI- registered name
for a database rather than the file name. Any comments?

David Jencks