Subject Gback enhacement, now more verbose
I was studying Interbase source last days. I was interested in one
feature, I wanted the -V option of gbak to verbose also index
creation an data backup and restore (each 10.000 records for example)

I did it, I altered backup.e and restore.e, I tested it in Linux, it
works ok with little changes to this files and the changes are
platform independent (I think).

I'm not familiar to CVS, so I want to send the altered two files to
any one insterested to include it in the firebird official release.

It has one limitation, the verbose interval when backup and restore
records is a constant (hardcoded #define) and can not be passed as a
parameter. I usually program in pascal, so string manipulation in c
it's an obscure thing for me to decode it as a configurable command
line parameter for example:
gbak -V 20000 ....