Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: proc directory type information tables
Author Lee Rodgers
--- dianeb77@... wrote:

>Support for the Information Schema was
>not required for Entry Level
>conformance in SQL92, it was only required
>for anyone claiming
>Intermediate Level conformance ...
>in SQL terms, that's well along the
>road to never-never land.

Don't despair.... actually MS SQL Server 7 has the
information schema as R-O...

SQL 7's more modern but still Sybase-ish system tables
are still there of course, and I've used them to write
metadata crosswalks for data translations / migration
to/from db2 & ms sql (as well as db2 & sybase).

System tables like those are indispensible, but ea/
vendor has it's own structure... not a big deal tho,
since those are usually well documented, just
normalize ea/ vendors schema into your own.


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