Subject proc directory type information tables
Hi all,
I've been looking at Linux for some time now and one of the nicest
bits (from a developer point of view) is the proc directory where
information about the hardware and software is stored in an easy to
interigate way.

Taking this approach to Interbase, all server and database
information could be stored in virtual tables or views which could
then be easily obtained by end users as required. An extension of
this would be to allow information in these virtual tables or views
to be modifiable to change certain settings.

Information which could be obtainable in this way could be:
1. server statistics
2. Database statistics
3. Users
4. User rights
5. Database metadata (in an easy to interprit format)
6. Performance information
7. User access tracking

I know that at the moment a number of interbase/third party tools
can extract the meta data for a database for example, but I have
noticed that all these work in slightly different ways. To me, it
would be much nicer if the database itself could be interigated via
SQL to obtain information required.

I know that any number of utilities (interbase/third party) can be
used to obtain statistics etc, but they are all platform dependant.

I guess that I am indicating that all system information and setup
be able to be set with SQL from any platform.

Feel free to tell me that this is a bad idea!

Ian Newby.