Subject RE: [IB-Architect] SQL Scripts
Author Fabricio Araujo
On Sat, 08 Dec 2001 14:37:12 +0100, Marco Lauria wrote:

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>> > Also I am thinking now about nested transactions, but
>> > FB doesn't support them...
>> > and it is another story.
>>I only have seen nightmares as a result of nested transactions. What are
>>they good for?
>I can call from one SP multiple SPs that does different works.
>The works are one independent from the other,
>Every SP has its transaction context.
>If one of the SPs called by the main one encounters an error it cal roll back
>only his transaction, while the other can continue to work.
>This sort of thing allows to really have SQL JOBS on the server....

You maybe are talking about M$SQL... But even M$SQL rollback
ALL TRANSACTIONS until the outermost is reached, not only the innermost.
IT NEVER have rollbacked only the innermost, at least from versions 6.5 to

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