Subject Date Conversions and Arithmetic
Author Jim Starkey
I've just implemented a cute hack: the manefest constants
"thismonth", "thisyear", and "thisday" in date string.
The conversion code recognizes things of the forms:

thismonth [+/- <number>]
thisyear [+/- <number>]
thisday [+/- <number>]

in date strings where a month, year, or day could otherwise be

"thismonth 1" is the first of this month
"thismonth+1 0" is the last of this month
"thismonth thisday+7" is next week
"thismonth 0" is the last day of last month
"thismonth+2 25" is Chrismas (if you read this in Oct.)
"thismonth" is the last day of last month (think about it)

obvious the normal validation checking is turned off -- month,
yea years, rollover as required.

Ann is lobbying for "thisquarter" as well. The jury is still out
on that one.

Thoughts? Comments? Love it? Hate it?

Jim Starkey