Subject Re: Borland's News Server
Author Mark O'Donohue
> My Posts to firebird-devel@l... are also not making
> it out into the mers ibbuild list (even the boring ones).

I should also qualify this, a post on an unrelated issue hasn't yet
hit the mers.interbase.ibbuild newslist (post is about 6hrs old).
This is a little unusual, previously I've got weird delays and
sometimes posts go missing only to interbase list. The topic this
time was about opensource licences, so it could have been a target for
Robs moderation, or it could be a delay, or just a random mers bug.

mers seems to be subject to both random bugs and Robs silent
moderation hand, and the occassional problem from elsewhere so it's
hard to actually tell exactly what caused this one.

Anyway Im not really in a position to test it at the moment, and most
of my stuff gets through. I also dont particularly want to be pushing
the paranoid button.

So take my winge with a grain of salt ;-),