Subject Re: Test Program and -d . fails
Author Brad Clements
On 10 Jan 2001, at 18:16, wrote:

> From: Jim Starkey <jas@...>
> Subject: Test Program
> Sean Leyne has been arguing for a test program to check vulnerability
> to back door. He has a very good point, but I am reluctant for
> two reasons. First, it's a great template on how to construct
> an attack program. Second, given the breadth of platforms and
> versions, the logistics are more than I care to face.

ibsecure -d . doesn't work but ibsecure -d `pwd` works


Regarding test program. If you had a website that had the "test
program" as a CGI that would only connect back to the host from which
the web request was coming.. wouldn't that be useful?

I'd use it.

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