Subject Re: The Borland Back Door
Author Mark O'Donohue
You need to do it remotely

add a "localhost:" prefix.



--- In, Nando Dessena <nandod@d...> wrote:
> Jim,
> > >My new "secure" IB6 server won't let me in with the magic
account, but
> > >neither will the "insecure" one. Creating the magic account in the
> > >security database doesn't change things. How can I make sure that
I had
> > >a security hole and, most of all, that it's gone after the patch?
> > >
> > >I guess that a public answer would imply revealing some details
that are
> > >best kept secret; I'll accept any word that can make me rest assured.
> > >--
> >
> > If you tried with IBConsole the answer is simple: IBConsole upcases
> > accounts and passwords; the offending words were lower case.
> I noticed that. Account names are converted to upper case; passwords are
> not, at least I hope so. There is a limit...
> > If an attach from a program failed, let me know -- there is something
> > else going on that we don't understand.
> I have tried IB_WISQL in the first place, then a command-line gfix
> setting ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD; finally I tried specifying the -user
> and -password from the command line. All with a local connection on my
> W2K box and Borland's (:-() plain 6.0 build.
> --
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> _/\/ando