Subject RE: Test Program
Author Leyne, Sean

Let's also not forget the "\Program Files\Interbase Corp\Interbase\"

I am also of the opinion that the test should include all possible drive
letters (C thru Z) since not all installs take place to the C: drive (it
is only the default path). The routine would, of course, stop as soon
as a connection was established.


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Subject: Test Program

Sean Leyne has been arguing for a test program to check vulnerability
to back door. He has a very good point, but I am reluctant for
two reasons. First, it's a great template on how to construct
an attack program. Second, given the breadth of platforms and
versions, the logistics are more than I care to face.

But it occurred to me that we could put a test on the firebird
site: enter a node name and an optional database name string it
it says yes, no, or can't tell. The server checks the database
file name before validating the account and password, so we
could check one of:

c:\Program Files\Interbase\isc4.gdb
c:\Program Files\Borland\Interbase\isc4.gdb


Jim Starkey