Subject Re: [IB-Architect] The Borland Back Door
Author Jim Gunkel
At 08:46 PM 1/9/2001, you wrote:
>vendors' notification. Ann is preparing a message for
>the various Interbase list servers, which should go out
>tonight. With luck, we can get all Interbase servers
>zapped before the bad guys wake up.


You should probably send the notification to slashdot as well. You know
it's going to end up there anyway so it might as well come from an official
source and it would be a good way to get the word out to everyone at the
same time. I'll leave it to you to worry about the timing but maybe do it
soon after you notify the Interbase lists. It would be a great way to
light a fire under the butts of the db admins and get them to apply the
patch as soon as possible if you let them know that you will be posting the
notice to public sites such as slashdot soon.

Jim Gunkel
Nevrona Designs