Subject Multi-hop server ability
Author Ivan Prenosil
I just wanted to know - is the multi-hop server ability _broken_
or _dropped_ feature ?

(I am talking about possibility to connect to IB server through
several other IB servers, like

I tested it some time ago and it worked.
But as Claudio pointed out about month ago, in IB6 he was able
to connect, but when trying to execute any command he got
"Dynamic SQL Error
-SQL error code = -901
-feature is not supported"

So I repeated my tests with IB6 and found out that
last IB server in the chain can be IB4,5,6, but all other
IB servers must be IB4 or IB5.
IB6 will allow connection, but not any other useful work.

(Even double connection to the same machine,
like "server:server:c:\db.gdb" does not work,
so I expect it has nothing to do with incompatibilities
caused by different sql dialect.)

So, where is the problem ?