Subject Context connections
Author Fabricio Araujo

After MUCH lurkering, I decided to get to talk a little... ;-)
Well, my idea is a way to address the problems with some
OSs (Win9x/NT, Linux, Solaris) regarding multiple ( more than
255) network connections.
Those that accompanied this forum since the start (under
the Wolf realm), knows what I saying. For those newbies:
some guys detected that Solaris (and after this, NT and
Linux also) have trouble to mantain more than 255.
Some guys asked that it is a Interbase problem, but JimS
got some library code to prove that is a OS problem, not
the server.
But I think that us can provide some ways to circunvent
it and (in the shower ;-) ) I got a way. I named it: context
Before continuing, some abbreviations to easy my text:
* NC - network connection
* DC - database connection

Actually, a DC to a Interbase server is made with
a attached NC
After that, the server uses whatever methods to verify
that the (network and DB) conn is alive.
In my vision, when a client need to make a DC to the server,
it starts (obviously) a NC and IB start a DC thread (or process,
in Classic Architecture). But, * when it connects and gets a autorized
connection *, the client lib gets a ContectID and close the NC.
And the DC? Nothing change: it's still opened.
When that connection needs to start a transaction, the client lib
open a new NC and connects as usual, except that IB does not
make the authentication or any other info, since that client passes the context ID
(maybe the logon/password also, if is needed that so much authen-
tication; I think that it's not needed all the time).
The NC will continue open:
* Until the transaction closes
* Until a certain number of transaction is reached (configured on start transaction API - wherever is more adequate, my raw IB API
knowledge is not that much)
* Until a certain timeout is reached (the transaction continues processing on server, but NC is killed)
* Until the rows fetched reaches the client
* A combination of above
* Other ideas? ;-)

I think this can improve the number of connections and save some resources that can
be used to speed queries, row/metadata cache, etc...

What you all think of this?

[]s Fabricio

[]s Fabricio
Delphi C/S Developer