Subject Re: [IB-Architect] EasySoft ODBC Driver & Borland
Author Alexander Schatten
> Ok, which version of the driver are you using, and what dialect of database
> do you have, I introduced a bug in 0.1.4, that should be fixed now.


> Could you send me a odbc trace of the fault, I will see if I can fix it.

hm. sorry, there must have been a problem I cannot "replay". the history:

(1) A few days ago I installed the ODBC driver on Win NT
(2) I started Interbase (local)
(3) I built a ODBC Datasource
(4) I started Access 97 and linked the tables from this datasource
(5) Tried to open all tables; only about 3 very simple tables opened all other
refused (with ODBC error)

after your email I tried to locate the error messages and opened the Access
database with the linked tables (the PC was rebooted today, btw.).

(6) Now I could open all tables, but showing no content, though there is content
in the tables (no error messages)
(7) I played around a little bit, then deleted the ODBC datasource and created it
(8) Now all tables open and show the data without Error message.

Hm. sorry, dont know where there is/was the problem. The only thing I could
imagine is, that rebooting of the machine was necessary before using the ODBC

nevertheless I have some "problems" with long text fields that are stored as
BLOB: Access shows them as "OLE" fields (is this correct?) and trying to edit
them (simple text) produces an "error with OLE Server"???

Sorry for the confusion