Subject Re: [IB-Architect] EasySoft ODBC Driver & Borland
Author Jason Wharton
> We need to flood Borland with requests to come to an arrangement with
> Easysoft to open source this driver and get it out here for all to use.

What is it that EasySoft requires? Of course its money but how much?

I am presuming that if Inprise [c|w]ouldn't pay 25K to have an ODBC driver
written by a master developer who happens to know InterBase better than the
average Joe, I don't know that EasySoft stands to get much more than that,
if anything, and I'm afraid this probably won't be enough to cut it for

EasySoft will need to for sure have a plan B if they plan to recoup their
expenses. I suppose $100 to have royalty free distribution isn't such a bad
thing. I have already committed $100 to the IBPhoenix driver and I suppose I
would to EasySoft as well if it proves itself to be useful.

Could we please move future discussion of this topic to the IBDI list? I
have CC'd this there so please go there and make your responses if any.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ