Author Dmitry Kuzmenko
Hello, All!

Right now I see some project on sourceforge. They are
interbase, firebird, ibx, ibconsole. Enough for me.
But, the only things I see, is a changes to source code - I
can download them with cvs.

I can't understand, why no one of these projects does not
post news right on project's page? Is there no news at all?
Poor message groups, no releases, low forums, no surveys. The only useful
is information how to get sources by CVS. Why?

At least IBConsole during last 3 weeks has changed 5 times.
But Jeff only posts new files at
(and people needs to be registered to get new builds).
Is it too hard to maintain sourceforge or there are
nobody watching it?

I know that these projects are not dead, because I'm reading, borland news, egroups and other sources. But
if I had only read I decided that
nothing is happening.

Maybe I'm mistaken, and is only for
developers, who work with sources?

Also I wrote to Helen about sourceforge's bugs list.
It is very easy to add some crap as a bug. All will
see this "bug" in a list. If this will continue,
we will see thousands of such "bugs". Somebody needs
to be a firewall to filter user's misunderstanding of
IB and real bugs.

for example, check "bugs" 113459, 112340. Also there
are some interclient bugs - they are not interbase bugs.

p.s. and the last - wishlist. "Language extentions" on
is poor too. IMHO 7, 10, 13, 15 and 16 are not sufficient now.
How I can vote for new IB features?

Dmitry Kuzmenko, Epsylon Technologies.