Subject RE: [IB-Architect] dedicated IB filesystem
"Claudio Valderrama C." <cvalde@...> on 30.08.2000 09:35:24

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Předmět: RE: [IB-Architect] dedicated IB filesystem

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> Subject: [IB-Architect] dedicated IB filesystem
> dear IB fans,
> just wondering if anyone has done any research into whether or not IB
> would benefit from a dedicated filesystem for writing its data, and if
> any steps are being taken to move in this direction.
> thanks,
> - avi

If you mean a database device, then the plain response is NO and I would
say that for the time being, NO, too.
IB has already an internal structure on each database. No surprise, of
course. But having a dedicated filesystem sounds like another layer on top
of the operating system: more overhead. This is the way Sybase works or at
least used to work. MsSql inherited the database devices since Sybase
developed it for MS. But ultimately, MS got rid of such overhead in v7 and
implemented each db on top of the operating system as a file, same as with
What would be the benefits of a dedicated file system for IB, in your


Hi IB fans :

I see some reason for dedicated IB filesystem :

1. Better guard condition against incompetent access to the *.gdb.,
in file system isn´t file *.gdb any more, on some disk is partition which
will be
(I think fully) dedicated for IB DB.

2. Quicker access to the DB :

- whole capacity of partition is prepared for IB initially
and at once.

- direct access across blok device /dev/hd....

3. The prices of disk capacity is falling down and is not great
problem reserve enough capacity for DB.

4. Requirements on security system are growing.

This facility is included in the Oracle.

Muras R.