Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Win16 (MPE)
Author Kevin D. Joseph
There has been some talk about the MPE port of Interbase. I do a
fair amount of programming on the HP3000 so I thought I would share my
thoughts on this. First, the HP3000 is not dead. The current
operating system is MPE/iX. The underlying hardware is the same as used
on the HP9000 (HP-UX). Changing an EPROM setting or two changes which OS
is booted. MPE/iX has a very full featured posix shell. Many GNU
applications have been ported to MPE/iX. Also Apache and Java run in this
posix shell. So while I don't know if anyone still uses the MPE port
(TurboImage/ImageSQL still provides the most efficient database under
native MPE - just ask Oracle), a port to the posix shell of MPE/iX might
be more successful.

Kevin Joseph