Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Win16
Author Danny Mavromatis
The database was called IMAGE and later TurboIMAGE. The company I work for
actually developed the software against IMAGE and a forms package on the
HP3000 called VPLUS/3000. One of my jobs has been to port the software to
other platforms such as Unix, OpenVMS, OS/400, Windows etc.

We proudly (?) boast that we support the IMAGE API on several ISAM and RDBMS
products including Interbase. Ah, the wonders of software emulation...


Mark O'Donohue wrote in message <39905DCA.392B30A5@...>...
>AllBase was the trendy new unix HP database. The HP3000 however had another
>Network model database, whose name I cannot recall. I still remember it
>had a list of "large"
>prime numbers in the back of the book for suggested values in creating your
>hashed indexes.
>Hmm so I suppose now Mike knows more than he really wanted to know about

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