Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: Is it _really_ necessary to expose the location of the database file?
Author Bill Karwin
Mike Nordell wrote:
> Bill Karwin wrote:
> > Where to record the alias definitions:
> [...]
> > 2) ibconfig.
> [...]
> > Disadvantages:
> > - Write security is problematic.
> > - Read security is impossible.
> I've got to be missing something, but AFAIK both NT and all current
> unices allows setting of file permissions.

If the aliases are client-side as I proposed, then they'd be subject to
the user's administrative authority. Even in NTFS, if the file is owned
by Administrator and disallow writing by basic users, they still have to
be able to read it so that their applications can use it.

I suggested making aliases client-side, so that user applications
wouldn't even have to know the server name.

But if aliases are kept on the server, then you don't need permissions
because you can just restrict access to the drive where the InterBase
software resides (a good idea anyway).

Bill Karwin