Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: Is it _really_ necessary to expose the location of the database file?
Author Adam Clarke
Unfortunately this is not a very good idea in terms of network bandwidth and
(because they are related) performance. Now all file accesses from the
engine are flying across the network. You've just converted a high
performance client server database into MS Access.

IK wouldn't be surprised if this increased the chance of corruption also but
that's just a gut feeling at this stage.


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> you can get this functionality at the moment using windows networking.
> interbase is kind enough to detect that the file is residing on another
> machine, and redirects all requests for that database through to the
> server. (i found this one out the hard way).
> so if you map \\server\servershare to s: for example. then connecting to
> s:\test.gdb will actually connect to the server's interbase server! path
> hiding.....+full security if the share is sitting on an NT box.