Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re: 64 Bit Integers
Author Mike Nordell
David Schnepper wrote:

> 64-bit ints -- I'll give it a 9.9. It would have gotten a 10.0
> except for that crash but reported with 24 hours of Tuesday's
> release. (Though, perhaps that is really a genid problem, not a 64
> bit int problem....)

Would you care to elaborate?

I'm one of the persons that are now part of the team that are trying to get
open source release of IB6 builds up for all supported platforms. I've
actually just today stumbled over a 64-bit issue. Someone mentioned "that
was never used anyway", but perhaps, just perhaps this could connect.

If it would happen to be this particular problem you had, it would help both
us struggling with the code, and yourself since you would get a fix quicker.

/Mike Nordell